Detailed Blemish Removal Process     


  1. Once you arrive you will consult with Cindy to discuss your needs and be shown time pictures similar to you, and discuss your cost and your healing time.
  2. If you choose numbing cream, the treatment process starts here. This is the same cream used for laser hair or tattoo removal. It takes an extra forty minutes to take effect and has an extra charge of $20-$40. You can also change your mind once you start the procedure, just tell Cindy. It is ok; we want you to be comfortable. We never know; it is 50/50. If you're having just a few blemishes removed, it will be over in seconds.         
  3. The client lies down or sits and the treatment begins lasting a few minutes up to thirty. After its over each spot treated will be red for 2-3 hours and each area will be dark inside the blemish is gone. .     
  4. A thin protective scab forms in one-two days and falls off in 7-12 days. Each area is a little pinkish just like when a scab falls off after you scratched yourself. At this point, each area looks and feels a whole lot better than before with no unsightly or uneven dark spots. Once the scabs fall off, you are back to your daily make up and shower routine. *** No scrubs, facials, pore treatments, hair removal, etc. JUST ON THE AREAS WE TREATED for six months*** For Example: Cindy removed skin tags on my neck last week. Can I apply a mask on my face? Yes, as long as the mask does not touch the neck area.   
  5. 97% Final Scar Free Healing takes 40 days to six months.  Remember it looks a lot better at 10 days when scab falls off
  6. The client is shown how to apply ointment with Q-Tips. It is easy. Try to baby the area the first two days until the scab forms. Pat wash w/ clean towel. Don't RUB the area and try not to touch or pick. Apply ointment prior to showering. Wait for two days to apply make-up just to the procedure area. If you have to be gentle, do not remove your make-up. If you need to wear make up the next day, never use harsh make-up remover or chemicals on treated areas. Try not to sweat a lot the first few days and completely avoid swimming and bathing for two weeks. Do not have facials, peels or skincare to treated area until you are fully healed. You will also receive a one page at home reminder.
  7. One free follow up touch up consultation is included if ever needed. However some blemishes may require a small touch up after six months at the clients request.


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